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Holo Sail Technologies, Inc.

Welcome to Holo Sail Technologies!

Holo Sail Technologies, Inc. is striving to help revolutionize the Global Shipping industry by taking one of the world’s oldest industries and thrusting it into the forefront of modernization. Through Holochain Technology, it is our goal to increase the accuracy of which goods are transported from port to port across international waters, improve security for our merchant marines, and increase reliability for port crews in knowing what they are handling before the container ever arrives or is loaded on to any ship. At Holo Sail, we strive to bridge the ever-widening gap between the U.S and the rest of the modern world.

Our Mission!

Holo Sail Technologies, in conjunction with the Holochain Network, is bringing you the technology that is the next phase of blockchain known as Holochain. Our dedication to being at the forefront of the most advanced technologies the world has to offer specialized in the shipping industry. Including added security with lockdown procedures, real-time tracking, and data encryption, you can trust and ensure the safety of the crew, cargo, and longshoremen. From the Port side, we strive to make the human error a thing of the past by tracking individual containers and their particular manifest, destination data flow from container, to ship, and to port. With the guarantee that your cargo is never left in the wrong locations ever again, we bring confidence to your crews and your customers.

We strive for excellence, including eliminating wasteful and expensive paper trails; instead, using Holochain to facilitate the transfers of information between facilities. Be it big or small businesses; tech packages are entirely customizable to fit your needs.